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Pay with HeyPay

Make quick and easy payments to friends & businesses without visiting ATM or a Bank Branch to withdraw cash.
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How it works

Go to any merchant that is registered on HeyPay

Scan the merchant QR-code or Type the merchant/receiver phone number to begin payment

Type in any amount you wish to pay

Tap the pay button after typing the amount to finish payment

Payment is done and you get a receipt on your phone

The merchant/reciever gets an SMS notification of the payment

Video presentation

Users feedbacks

Paying for food has never been this easy... Thanks HeyPay

Adewale - User

Save me lot of time going to queue at ATMs, you guys should expand to more shops.

Emmanuel - User

I really like this app it's the perfect solution to my problem

Timilehin - User

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"we are making your payment easy and secure"
Now available on Play Store!

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